Poop, Scoop & Boogie Travel Trash Can

Journey From Idea to Product


I am sure there are as many paths taken from idea to product as there are products. Here is the development journey of the Poop, Scoop & Boogie Travel Trash Can.

I’ve already told the story of how Poop, Scoop & Boogie Travel Trash Can came about. I won’t repeat it here, but suffice it to say, I needed a better way to carry poop bags home from my excursions with Saylor.
I don’t know why, but I couldn’t bring the poop bags inside the car. I mean, I could smell the poop through the bag as I was carrying it back to the car.
So, like everyone else, I went to the internet to search for what was out there to help with my situation. Much to my amazement, I didn’t find anything. So that got my creative energy going. I settled early on with the idea that magnets would most likely hold whatever I needed to the back of the car. So I rummaged through the house for more inspiration. What I found was a half-gallon ice cream container. You know the one. It has rounded edges and a lift off top. And made of cardboard, I figured I could hold it up with magnets. Off I went to the hardware store and bought several packs of the strongest magnets they had. Then I sandwiched the cardboard ice cream container between magnets and attached it to the back of the car. Not very pretty, but it worked. When I got back from my first “test drive” I flattened the one edge facing the car. I then coated the outside with fiberglass cloth and resin. Several hours and a quick coat of paint I had the first prototype of the Poop, Scoop & Boogie Travel Trash Can.
Prototype number two followed a little while later… after I stumbled across a plastic bucket. It was generally the same shape as the ice cream container, but smaller. And it looked a heck of a lot more “polished”’ So, I bought it. How ironic, It was a tool for picking up dog poop in the back yard. I removed the handle epoxied on some magnets and voila, prototype #2. I used prototype #2 for the whole summer. Worked like a charm. It was at this point that I thought, “I can’t be the only one having this problem. I thought, I should help them out by making the travel trash can available to them.
So I thought, while it works great, what would I like to see different about it. Blending in more, or I should say disappearing more, when not in use. Of course you can remove it and keep it ready to reinstall when needed next. But, for me, I felt I wanted to leave it in place so it would be always ready. Inspiration came to me when in traffic and looking at the back of vehicles around me. Many vehicles have oval “bumper” stickers. Wow, I should make the travel trash can able to fold flat and shape it to mimic the bumper stickers people are using. Voila…the Poop, Scoop & Boogie Travel Trash Can was born. Then production began!

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