About Poop, Scoop & Boogie

Saylor, our golden retriever, is a great dog—friendly, fun loving and well behaved. So one summer a few years back, I decided that I’d begin taking Saylor out on the weekends for a bit of fun. We piled into the SUV. And tried different parks and public spaces for long strolls and exploration. This evolved into a regular Saturday and Sunday routine. Off to the local elementary school and walking the perimeter of the grounds.

Well, as you can guess, Saylor would almost always relieve himself. You know…poop. Like all good dog owners, I pick up the poop. So here I am, the first time at the elementary school, with full poop bag in hand and I look around. Look this way and that and wouldn’t you know it, no trash can in site. I take that back, there is one big trash barrel all the way across the field at the baseball field. I thought about walking across the field to deposit the poop bag. But then I thought, that wouldn’t be all that nice of me. To place a stinky poop bag right next to the small bleachers at the ball field.

Nope, I had to take it with me. But, poop bags smell! I couldn’t bring myself to placing it into the car. Who wants to smell that? So I tied it to the trailer hitch at the back of the car. I untied it when home, threw it in my trash can, the life was good again. Saylor and I copied this routine for most of the summer. Several days after returning home, the poop bag was no longer hanging from the trailer hitch. The knot came loose somewhere along the way. This is the moment.

For the second time, I came home with Saylor’s poop bag somewhere on the road. Obviously, someplace between the elementary school and my house. I said to myself, “there must be a better way”. That moment is the birth of the Poop, Scoop & Boogie Travel Trash Can. The journey from that eureka moment, to what you see here is another story, for another time.